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Eurythmy Therapy Training in the UK

This training is offered in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. It is a part-time modular course taking place over a period of two years, in five modules of four to five weeks each, with an extended time period to complete the final thesis.
During the blocks, students will engage with the elements of eurythmy therapy and attend medical lectures. Sessions are given by a wide range of guest teachers, both eurythmists and doctors. As trainers we work in a collaborative spirit with each other and with the students, fostering a diversity of approach and encouraging personal development and mutual support.  
Students will receive a foundation in professional skills and develop capacities of observation, reflection, imagination and therapeutic intuition. An emphasis is placed on experiential learning, linking theme-based lectures with practical sessions, and alternating blocks of taught modules with practice placements. Between blocks students will fulfil the practice placement requirements, which are in alignment with the International Curriculum Framework for Eurythmy Therapy trainings. Students will also be trained in the methods of qualitative research and will complete a research dissertation in the final year of study.

Students must have a eurythmy diploma recognised by the Performing Arts Section of the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.
Eurythmy therapists who are already working in the profession and would like to do a research MA are welcome to join the therapy training. They will be required to attend a minimum of ten weeks of the course and will be engaged in their own elected research throughout the study.

Upon graduation, students receive a Diploma in Eurythmy Therapy from the Medical Section in Dornach, Switzerland. The training is offered in cooperation with Alanus Hochshule and the University of Oslo, which accredits students with an internationally recognised MA in Education and Therapeutic Fields upon successful completion of the course.

Dates and Fees:
The current student group will finish in spring 2021 and a new course will begin in spring 2022. Please contact us for information about the fees for the new course.

Shaina Stoehr, Katherine Beaven, Brenda Newton