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2021/2022 - Colourful variety of eurythmy therapy

Every second month we will present eurythmy therapy work from different countries and areas in this diversity section. In this way we would like to bring the abundance of eurythmy therapy into visibility.

At the end of our anniversary year (in the sixth part), colleagues from Chile, South Korea and Brazil provided wonderful insights into their working methods. Warmth, responsibility and clarity characterise these contributions: These three qualities are evident in the design of the environment, in the encounter from person to person and in the joy that speaks from the images.


The colleagues from Chile take us into a warm, enveloping sphere, deeply rooted in anthroposophy.


South Korea shows us how strongly enthusiasm and clearly structured practice help children.


And the report from Brazil introduces us to an exemplary project through which traumatised children are opened up to new paths in nutrition, socialisation and safety in a multimodal care concept.

For a whole year we have celebrated the birthday of Eurythmy Therapy with many wonderful contributions that have given us a picture of our work in its various facets. This last anniversary contribution is not intended to be the end of a series, but a prelude: Also, in the future we would like to perceive Eurythmy Therapy internationally by describing local conditions and typical local ways of working or questions in order to get to know each other and our wonderful form of therapy better.

We look forward to receiving your videos and reports in the future!