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Professional associations

The professional associations are members of IFAAET (International Federation of Anthroposophic Arts and Eurythmy Therapies), an international federation, created in 2011 to represent the arts and eurythmy therapies in regard to political and legal concerns.  IFAAET is in turn member of EUROCAM and ANME.

EUROCAM uniting European CAM organisations (Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

EUROCAM is a European platform for organisations representing patients, medical doctors, veterinarians and practitioners in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine sector.  The aim of EUROCAM is to promote the contribution of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to better health in Europe (

ANME(Association for Natural Medicine in Europe) comprises homoeopathists and many other disciplines close to anthroposophic medicine (

Both organisations work to protect the access to and the development of natural medicine in Europe. They are represented in a number of EU advisory bodies. They concern themselves with medicine, pedagogy and animal health. In Europe these areas are named ‚Complemetary and Alternative medicine, CAM The term replaces ‚non-conventinal medicine‘.

The WHO operates with the term: Traditional Medicine/ Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TM/ CAM)

Belgien/Belgium Professional Association Heileurythmie Belgien Mia Lemaitre  
Deutschland/Germany Berufsverband Heileurythmie Deutschland (BVHE) Barbara Lampe  
Finnland/Finland Suomen eurytmiaterapeutit ry:n juhla Anne-Marie Somero  
Frankreich/France Association professionnelle de l´Eurythmie thérapeutique Annick Duval  
Gross Britanien/Great Britain Eurythmy Therapy Association John Browning  
Italien/Italy Associazione Italiana di Euritmia Terapeutica (AIET) Monika Margesin  
Irland/Eire Eurythmy Therapy Association John Browning  
Japan Eurythmy Therapy Association of Japan Kimiko Ishikawa  
New Zealand+Australia ETANZA - Eurythmy Therapy Association in New Zealand and Australia New Zealand: Heike Houben/Australia: Leanne Sarah  
Niederlande/Netherlands Nederlandse Vereniging voor Euritmietherapie (NVET) Manja Wodowoz de Boon  
Österreich/Austria Verband diplomierter Heileurythmisten in Österreich (VDHÖ) Christine Allsop  
Russland/Rusia Verband diplomierter Heileurythmisten in Russland (VDHE) Tatiana Strizhak    
Schweden/Sweden Läkeeurytmiföreningen i Sverige (LEF) Elisabeth Broager Grön  
Schweiz/Switzerland Heileurythmie Berufsverband Schweiz (HEBV-CH) Kathrin Anderau  
Ungarn/Hungary Magyar Euritmia- Mozgásművészeti Társaság Maria Pintye  
USA Association for Therapeutic Eurythmy in North America (ATHENA) Andrea Marquardt-Preiss