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The training is carried out in two stages. First a 3-4-year full-time training eurythmy training, usually with a focus on teaching (B.A. or diploma course). Then a 1-2-year full time therapy course, or 2-3year part-time course (M.A. or diploma course). Often there will be a few years of professional experience between the basic studies and the therapeutic qualification. In addition to specialist medical knowledge and the basic eurythmy therapy exercises, the curricula include the differentiation of the exercises for the relevant medical specialties, as well as the acquisition of diagnostic and methodological skills, such as composing exercise sequences to suit the individual client. Eurythmy therapists with an M.A. acquire further competencies in scientific works. Some associations use both words eurythmy therapist and therapeutic eurythmist. There is no difference in competence. Eurythmy Therapist came into being for legal reasons in the English-speaking world and is now used internationally.
Eurythmy therapists work in the following areas of practice.