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A warm welcome to the Eurythmy Therapy International Website! 

Purpose and Aim

This is the platform for Eurythmy Therapy as understood in Anthroposophic Medicine. The platform serves to:

  • Lay out what the profession does
  • Describe the international guidelines and structures in place
  • Support international communication and thus strengthen our worldwide network
  • Offer colleagues in countries where local associations are not yet established, a forum through which they may be in contact with colleagues and kept abreast of projects and current topics of professional interest. 

The platform serves to represent Eurythmy therapy  in the public domain as well as  in work with other organisations.

Patients may use the platform to learn more about the therapy.

The International Eurythmy Therapy Trainers Circle under the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, Switzerland is responsible for the accreditation of trainings. Trainings with this accreditation issue diplomas of eurythmy therapy countersigned by the Medical Section.

The pronoun ‘they’ is used to make for smooth reading and presumes the inclusion all genders.

The Anthroposophic Medical Movement is a network of independent institutions and professions the world over working with Anthroposophic Medicine. Representatives from the various areas form the International Coordination Group for Anthroposophic Medicine: IKAM (Internationalen Koordination Anthroposophische Medizin) a body under the Medical Section of the Anthroposophical Society. 

Within IKAM each profession has a representative who links the professional group and the Medical Section. The coordinator represents the profession of eurythmy therapy within the multidisciplinary team of IKAM and IKAM within the international circle of eurythmy therapy. The coordinator, Hana Adamcova, is the first port of call for all matters concerning eurythmy therapy internationally. 

The International Coordination Eurythmy Therapy looks after all matters relating to eurythmy therapy within the Medical Section. Groups with similar responsibilities or interests such as area of work, research or training find forums for their co-working in the International Coordination. Overarching themes are identified and explored by colleagues competent in any one case. 

Colourful variety of eurythmy therapy

In this section we would like to celebrate together 100 years of eurythmy therapy. New postings every two months.

100 Years

A presentation from the
video conference:

"The case vignette in eurythmy therapy CAVI-EYT"


Guideline Case Vignette
Eurythmy Therapy

Open Guideline  EDET-QOL

Reports on the current situation from around the world

Warm thanks to all country representatives for impressive sketches from your place.

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Therapeutic eurythmy in times of limitation

A contribution by Consuelo Vallespir from Chile.

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Euritmia terapéutica en tiempos de reclusion

Una contribución de Consuelo Vallespir de Chile.

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Eurythmy therapy to strengthen resilience during the Covid 19 pandemic

What exercises can be employed to support and strengthen the resilience?

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Sound & Speech - the Wonder of Movement - Dimensions of Transformation

International Conference for Eurythmists, Eurythmy Therapists, Speech Artists and those interested on 5th - 9th April, 2021

More information

New basic Eurythmy Therapy Training in Switzerland

This training integrates a basic eurythmy training with the Eurythmy Therapy Training. It is for anyone excited by the living, ensouled movement discipline with an interest in its therapeutic relevance and in Anthroposophic Medicine. The training encompasses the artistic as well as medical and therapeutic aspects of eurythmy. It leads to a Medical Section and Swiss state recognised diploma.

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Further information:

Online – how is that possible?
April 7.-9., 2021
Three-day working meeting in digital format
Eurythmy – Speech Formation – Eurythmy Therapy

More Information

Weiterbildung zur heileurythmischen Behandlung von Kieferfehlstellungen
20.–22. März 2020, Duggingen

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Weiterbildung zur heileurythmischen Behandlung von Kiefer- und Zahnfehlstellungen
24.–26. März 2020, Magdeburg

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Weiterbildung zur heileurythmischen Behandlung von Kieferfehlstellungen
17.–19. April 2020, Stuttgart

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The Dornach Basic Eurytmy Therapy Training with State Qualification
Saturday May 16th, start at 2pm
Goetheanum, Terrassensaal

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Sound & Speech - the Wonder of Movement - Dimensions of Transformation
International Conference for Eurythmists, Eurythmy Therapists, Speech Artists and those interested.
5th - 9th April, 2021, Goetheanum, Dornach

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Anthroposophy forms the basis for the work and describes the way we view the human being. It offers a holistic, highly differentiated understanding of the relationships of body, soul and spirit to each other and to the functional levels (matter, vitality, emotions and the concept of self) in the organism.

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